About Us

We are a young international team founded in Berlin, and we are on a mission to make real estate feel like a breeze.

We believe that you deserve to have an exceptional experience in property renting and letting, which is why we developed “Breeze”.  

We have created a matchmaking platform that will help you make mutually-beneficial and meaningful connections. We want you to stop wasting endless hours on apartment/tenant search, so that you can spend your valuable time focusing on the things that matter most in your life, all the while finding your perfect home or tenant. We are here to push boundaries and set new standards in creating a better future in real estate for us all.

First, we will sweep in like a breeze in our home city of Berlin, and as soon as we’ve helped our friends and family, we’ll be happy to greet you in your home town! See you soon!
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Our Values

1. Empathy

We truly listen, and we truly care. This is the only way we want to take in making a lasting positive impact in the world.

2. Connection

By helping people to make meaningful connections, we create new potential that has the power to change lives.

3. Empowerment

We believe that the best way to serve people is to recognize and support them in creating a better future for themselves.

4. Taking action

We never want to settle for the status quo. We take matters into our own hands to push the boundaries towards creating a better tomorrow, today.

5. Simplicity and ingenuity

We create experiences that feel like a breeze by thinking several steps ahead and by delivering the simplest solutions to the most difficult problems that people face.
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