Breeze is an app that gives you an experience that matches YOU.

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How Breeze works?

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Create your profile and enjoy your privacy

Set your profile up and start a renting journey that is private and safe. With Breeze you will have full control of when and with whom you share your identity.


Get tailored matches

No more wasting time with endless applications, emails and phone calls. Breeze’s AI algorithm will match you instantly in a mutually beneficial way according to your profile, your goals and your preferences..
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Make decisions that
fit you best

Be the boss of your own future and make informed decisions along the way that take you closer to your goals. Renting has never been easier!


Finally full data control
Breeze helps me stay in control of my data.I remember how I had to share my data with strangers on other platforms. At some point I lost the whole overview. Not even my husband had that much insight into my privacy.
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Rent without stress, smoothly
We are now in the process of organizing our rentals completely ourselves again. Before we used Breeze, our process was always very tedious and required a lot of manual fiddling. Thanks to Breeze, we can organize the selection of tenants efficiently and greatly optimize the administrative effort. Our rental process is now running smoothly and we are happy that we can now always respond quickly to prospects.
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Finally transparency and results
For a long time I was so frustrated when looking for my dream apartment. It drove me crazy, always hoping that it would work now and then not getting an answer. Thanks to Breeze I now see my chances immediately, matches in real time and I always get feedback.
Karen J. Webster
Finally complete documents
I used to get over 1,000 incomplete inquiries for a 50 square meter apartment in Berlin within 24 hours, as well as countless calls. Today I can immediately see who fits the property and can flexibly handle the whole process and final decisions from anywhere.
Property Management B. Phillips
Simply to my dream apartment
It was particularly important for us to find a larger apartment because we had another child. We just needed more space with the new family member. With three kids who always need attention, I was never able to respond to the ads and submit my paperwork fast enough. Thanks to Breeze Match, I can now do this in a flash with just the push of a button.
Karen J. Webster
Perfect tenant matches
The rental process was incredibly nerve-wracking, as I had to process tons of emails with personal data for weeks just to select a potential tenant. Thanks to Breeze Match, I immediately find the right prospective tenant.
Enjoy looking for an apartment
It was awful before Breeze. I had to refresh the listing pages every five minutes in order not to miss an ad. Keep sending hopeless requests that don't get an answer. With Breeze I have a precise overview of the property status, don't miss a single offer and always know exactly what opportunities are available to me.
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Never again without control!
With Breeze I finally have full control over my data again. After sending so many applications before, I completely lost control over who got my personal information. With Breeze it's different now! I can see in real time who can see my information and at any time revoke permission for certain landlords to see my personal information.
Data retention finally made easy
I constantly had to worry about the storage of the personal data of prospective tenants to whom I have not rented an apartment. After all, I have to keep them for 10 years or prove a deletion concept. Thanks to Breeze, these days I only get the data of the new tenants and don't have to worry about the data protection templates anymore.
Property Management B. Phillips
Cleaning person
A real experience
Before I tried Breeze, I couldn't imagine that looking for an apartment could be such a positive experience. Before, looking for an apartment was always associated with endless stress. Breeze is just great! Respect!
Financial auditor

Where is Breeze currently available?

Berlin and suburbs
Other cities coming soon
... and many more!
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